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Experience the unique challenge of navigating through treacherous webs as you take on the role of a powerful fairy turned into a spider in "Aracnight"! With no ground to stand on, players must use all their agility and quick thinking to defeat enemies and hunt down the evil fairy who cursed them. Journey through stunning, side-scrolling levels and use all your cunning and skill to defeat the enemy and break the curse, returning to your true form. With breathtaking gameplay, "Aracnight" is a must-play for any fan of action and adventure. 

This game was created by: 

Aila Scott 🕷️ Composer & Sound Designer 

Daisy Rincon 🕷️ UI/UX Designer & Writer

 Elisha Victor 🕷️ Game Developer 

Gabriel Persico 🕷️ 3D Modeler

 Rafael Pineiro 🕷️ 3D Modeler


Aracnight_Release.zip 45 MB


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